Peaks® Plus

Continuing the Peaks® tradition, the patent-pending keys and cylinders rely primarily on conditions around the peak of the key close to the key bow and still incorporate tip and shoulder stop for pinpoint accuracy in keying.

The new patent-pending mechanism is straightforward and has already passed over 40,000 cycles in testing for several different cylinder models.
Peaks® Plus keys are rearward compatible with preferred and Classic, meaning the new patent-pending key will operate both earlier generations of Peaks®, but the older generation keys will not work with the new Plus cylinders.

There will be a new key bow shape and new terminology for ordering, but like Classic and Preferred, it is available in many different models to fit almost all the most popular hardware. In addition, new models can be manufactured at the factory to fit specialized hardware needs. Any Peaks® Plus keyway can be manufactured across all models to be operated by one key.

Most accessories used for mortise, rim, and KIK cylinders are identical to what’s used all over North America for Ilco brass replacement cylinders and have the same time-tested quality.