Tower Displays

The Ilco® Key Towers are the traditional center of the key replacement business and stand as a beacon drawing customers in for years to come.

Choose from the basic key tower or inquire about a full-service package (including automotive equipment/keys, engraving and more). Expansion components help you to grow profits with additional services.

Both towers feature a bulk bin for your high volume key blanks. The modular system offers the flexibility to replace components.

The six-sided, rotating tower can hold 126-384 different key blank SKU's, depending on configuration.


  • Key Tower Garage (for Key Machine)
  • Key Bulk Bin; six bins, each bin holds up to 250 keys
  • Six Residential/Commercial Hook Grid Racks, 8 hook x 4 rows (32 hooks)
  • Six Automotive Hook Grid Racks, 7 hook x 3 rows (21 hooks)
  • Display Header
Double Module - 460-00-8X
Dimensions: 23” W x 23” D x 52 ¼”H
(584.2 mm x 584.2 mm x 1327.15 mm)
Weight: 116 lbs. (52.6 kg) without keys
Single Module - 470-00-8X
Dimensions: 23” W x 23”H x 38 ¾”D
(584.2 mm x 584.2 mm x 984.25 mm)
Weight: 90 lbs (40.8 kg) without keys