We Proudly manufacture HandzOff™ in the USA. With more than 50 years of brass production experience at our industrial foundry, you can be confident in the durability of our brass forged by Americans.

Our Brass (UNS C2800) is made from recycled copper. We source scrap from US-based businesses & the US Military including electrical grade copper bars & punchings, lead-free brass pipe, and demilitarized large caliber shell casing.

Germs are everywhere & unavoidable in everyday life. Public surfaces are a breeding ground for infectious microbes.

Don’t touch a germ covered surface with your bare hands! Use the HandzOff™ tool to navigate public surfaces without direct contact.

Use on ATM, POS Terminals, Door Handles, Public Toilets, Garbage Cans, Cross-Walk Call Buttons, Elevators, Grocery Bags, and Much More.

HandzOff™ tool is made of 100% recycled UNS C2800 brass, a copper alloy, known for inherent antimicrobial properties. Press, grab, & hook safely to avoid uncleanly surfaces. Hang from your pocket or keyring for easy access anytime.