Unocode F900

Unocode F900

All-in-one Solution Providing Automatic Key Feeding, Engraving, Cutting and Sorting. 

Make Every Minute Count
Designed for specialist locksmiths, Silca’s latest electronic key cutting machine automates and simplifies the complete key duplication process to improve the speed and quality of service to your customer. Faster key duplication means significantly improved returns on each key sold for you. The exclusive Unocode F900 is the truly all-in-one solution for duplicating flat keys, automating the key feeding, engraving, cutting and sorting leaving you free to manage your next customer.

User-Friendly Software Interface

  • Intuitive software interface developed for the needs of professional locksmiths, with shortcuts to the most used cutting cards and job queues 
  • Works in stand-alone
  • Compatible with SKP Pro to work with existing data archives and Codemaker cards

Professional Display 

  • Integrated, industrial 10-inch, touch-screen display
  • Tilts to give the perfect viewing angle 
  • Immediate response to the touch (0,01 seconds)
  • Color display with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels

Full Connectivity

  • Connection both via Wi-Fi and via Ethernet to the local LAN Network
  • 4 USB ports (2 ports 3.0 + 2 ports 2.0)
  • HDMI port to connect an external screen
  • Possibility to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse

Clean, Safe & Comfortable Working Area

  • The machine is completely enclosed: swarf is collected in the tray below the cutting area to leave the working area clean
  • The safety shield closes and opens automatically when starting or ending a cycle
  • The shield features two microswitches and stops automatically if obstructed to give additional protection
  • 55% bigger working area compared to previous models for easier operation


  • New structure optimized to absorb vibrations and noise
  • Less vibrations thanks to the new 80 teeth cutter in hard metal (widia)
  • A completely enclosed working area reduces noise during marking and cutting

Top Performance

  • Precision cutting and engraving
  • Fully automated cutting, marking and sorting processes
  • Automatic key feeding in 10 seconds

Automated Double-Sided Marking

  • Dramatically reduces process time: no need to install a separate tool or to move the key manually
  • Avoids mistakes in a manual process, especially when engraving Master Key Systems
  • Both key sides can be independently marked

Robotic Feeding, Processing & Sorting

  • Automatic feeder is always available. No time wasted on installation
  • Stacker and First-In-First-Out “FIFO” sorter process around 100 keys at a time
  • No air compressor needed
  • Possible to manually cut keys without removing the feeder
  • Front facing sorter for ease of access
  • Sorter equipped with a sensor to detect when full
  • Stacker can be removed for easy filling

Camera Reading for Fast Optical Decoding

  • Unique, patent-pending solution for immediate decoding
  • No positioning needed: just drop the key in the pull-out compartment
  • The software shows the difference between the depths read and the depths defined by the manufacturer
  • Double-sided keys with asymmetrical cuts and single-sided keys with protrusions such as ball bearings or other patented design elements cannot be decoded

Customizable Clamp

  • The specially designed upper and lower jaws mean the clamp can be customized on two sides to take special key profiles
  • The modular jaw system means that the capability of the F900 can be expanded according to market developments
  • Optional jaws are available to cut systems including Cisa® TSP and SP, Assa® D12 and DP Cliq, Dom® RS8, Abus® XY14/Y14 and Winkhaus® RPE-RPS amongst others
  • The standard V4 clamp holds residential keys from 1 to 4 mm thick whereas the feeder manages keys ranging from 1.8 to 4 mm thick

Unocode F900 Software

For the Unocode F Series key machines we have developed an entirely new software, engineered specifically to make your job easier and quicker. The new interface can also be customized according to your needs, so that you can keep within easy reach the functions you use most frequently.

  • Cutting cards comparison available on-board
  • Cutting cards shortlist*: when decoding a key, you don’t have to select a cutting card first. The camera reader decodes the key cuts and provides you with a shortlist of cards from which you can choose the one you need 
  • Code tables available on-board*
  • Customize your favorites: you can rename the cutting cards you use most frequently and reorder them according to your needs
  • Onboard video tutorials and product manual
  • Remote service to support you when needed

* Coming soon with a software update

Technical Data

Electricity Supply
100-240V - 50/60Hz
Cutter Motor
Engraving Motor
Key Cutter
Prismatic in coated hard metal (widia)
Engraving Cutters
Upper cutter ‘A’ in coated hard metal (widia)
Lower cutter ‘B’ in hard metal
Tool Speed
Prismatic cutter: 1070 rpm
Engraving cutters: 14500 rpm
On 2 axes with ball screws activated by step motors on ground roller runners. Rotating axis available with optional clamp
V4 Clamp
With 4 standard sides for gripping keys with different thicknesses < 2.7: for thicknesses 1 mm to 2.7 mm > 2.5: for thicknesses 2.5 mm to 4 mm
RunsWith clamp: Keys with head stop:
Keys with tip stop:
X axis: 30 mm, Y axis: 72 mm Y axis: max. 45 mm (by copy and by code) Y axis: max. 42 mm (with feeder) Y axis: max. 45 mm (by copy and by code
Max DimensionsWidth: 921 mm - Depth: 740 mm - Height: 680 mm
Without feeder: 61.7 Kg  -  With feeder: 87.7 Kg


Unocode F Series

Kaba-Ilco is pleased to introduce four new Unocode F series machines to add to our existing line-up. The Unocode 100, 400, 600, and 800 gives you various different options to best suit your specific needs. Whether you are doing large master keying jobs or need a heavy-duty machine that's going to take anything you throw at it. Then the Unocode F series is what you need.

The Exclusive Unocode F Series Line Up is truly an all-in-one solution designed for duplicating by code flat keys, automated key feeding, engraving, cutting, and sorting leaving you free to manage your next customer.

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