Key Machines

Pro Tech Plus

Pro Tech Plus is a semi-industrial machine designed to cut, engrave and sort different types of keys. It is an ideal solution for Master Key Systems Manufacturers, Specialist Key-Cutting Centers or Locksmiths that manage high volumes of keys. 

Pro Tech Plus is a modular platform that can be customized with several configurations according to specific key systems used by each customer (i.e. edge cut keys or edge cut and dimple/laser). Some systems may require different jaws to perfectly clamp various key profiles.

The process is fully automatic and managed by the Pro Tech Plus software provided.

Accessories available to meet specific requirements.

Available only by special order.

Pro Tech Plus Software:

  • Allows flexible use of the functions on the machine and can be updated via the internet
  • Pro Tech Plus can be connected to your company intranet to easily transfer production input to the machine (i.e. process job orders or transfer data) and send e-mail alerts showing job conclusion or job flows as well as importing customer ar chives
  • Master key system interface: can import and run MKS file of a Master Key System, customer code table and direct code.
  • Large archive of engraving models with opportunity to customize fonts, characters and position variants

Options include:

  • Edge Cut Station – for cutting and engraving of edge cut cylinder keys (single or double sided)
  • Dimple Station – for cutting and engraving dimple or laser keys (fixed or tilting +/- 45°)
  • Multifunction platform – includes dimple and edge cut stations
  • Automatic or manual tool changer unit
  • XY sorting trays (two variants available: 12 cells or 42 cells)
  • Customer Kit – designed according to specific key systems used, may require different jaws to clamp key profiles.

Precision and Speed:

  • Cutting tolerance on 3 axis (X,Y,Z encoder controlled) +/- .003 mm
  • Cut speeds – Edge Cut (1 axis, 7 cuts, engraving) = 35 seconds*, Dimple (3 axis, 1+11+11 cuts, engraving) = 80 seconds* (*Variable depending on key system cut)

Power Supply: Single phase 200 / 240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Energy Use: 1 KW

Air Compressor: 300 I/min, 50L capacity,(Required Specs) 6-6.5 bar pressure


Width: 35.43" (900 mm); with PC 41.34" (1050 mm)
Depth: 70.87" (1800 mm)
Height: 31.50" (800 mm)
Weight: 992.08 lbs. (450 kg) - full version M159