Key Machines


The Idea is an electronic key cutting machine for code cutting and duplication of bit and double bit keys, pump keys and “English” keys (with shoulder). 

Idea has a wide range of automatic operations that ensures precision within hundreds of a millimeter and provides a fast cutting cycle.

Connect to PC to plan queues, search for direct and indirect code, search partial cuts (shoulder stop keys) with the Silca SKP Program.

Optional accessories available to expand capabilities.

This model is available by special order; 230V.

  • Automatic calibration via electrical contact
  • Accurate gauging via electrical contact
  • Decode and “copy by original” via optical reader
  • Adjustable carriage speed
  • Creates the radius progressively on the bit profile
  • 360° rotating clamp, used for cutting both sides of a key bit
  • Stand-Alone memory of over 300 different cutting and decoding systems
  • Memorizes over 1.000 cutting systems
  • Customize key systems