Key Machines


Features of this machine include self-centering clamps that accommodate various diameter tubular keys and automatically synchronize the rotation of the key blank with original key. In addition, this model has micrometric vise positioning that is ideal for “step cut” or “cut within a cut” duplication.

Optional accessories include a code attachment to originate the popular type Chicago® and Ace® tubular keys by bitting code (standard spacing .377” diameter only). For the “mini size” switch keys, an optional clamp set is also available.

  • Multi-purpose vise jaw easily grips all three standard size tubular keys (.365”, .377”, and .399”)
  • Micrometric vise positioning is ideal for duplication of “step cut” or “cut within a cut” keys
  • No Shims and adapters required. The self-centering vise jaw design automatically centers tubular keys
  • The special T10 vise clamp set rotates a full 360º allowing for virtually any tubular key spacing configuration (7 cut, 8 cut, etc)
  • Vise clamps may be indexed to predetermined positions, controlling the location of cuts around the barrel of the key, or may be freely rotated as desired.
  • Simple lever controlled cutting action requires minimal effort and assures a smooth feed of the key blank against the cutter


Motor: 110V-AC 60hz., 1.6 amps., .20 Hp
Dimensions: 9''W x 18''D x 7''H (22.9 cm x 45.7 cm x 17.8 cm)
Weight: 37.5 lbs. (17 kg)

Replacement Parts

Cutter: D40007722
Jaw: T10 Clampset - standard
Guide: D400346BA Tracer Point

Optional Accessories

Code Attachment: D707830ZB - For cutting standard Chicago® and Ace® type keys by bitting code
Clampset: T15 Clampset - Holds mini size switch keys