Key Machines

Twister II

Delivering consistent and accurate duplicates of a wide range of “laser” (sidewinder), flat cut dimple and Fichet® type keys. An economical model; the Twister II provides for expansion of capabilities with the optional accessories. 

Twister II provides an economical solution to duplicating a variety of keys on one machine. Easy to use, reliable, compact, and built to last; the Twister II offers convenience, accuracy and precision assured by the combination of the functional features listed below.

With the modest price point, and a higher re-sell price of the keys that the Twister II will duplicate, you can quickly offset the purchase price of this machine.

  • Two axis movement on ball guides for smooth, easy operation without play
  • Spring loaded tracer point guides and facilitates self-centering of cuts on dimple keys
  • Wide transparent safety shield minimizes exposure to moving parts and chips during operation.
  • LED light illuminates working area
  • Tracer point adjustment ensures perfect depth alignment and provides for adjustment to worn keys
  • Lockable carriage for cutting dimple keys and prevents movement during transport
  • Replaceable jaw surface plates provide an economical repair solution for normal vise jaw wear
  • Master safety switch with separate cutter motor switch.
  • Quiet cutting cycle.
  • Standard accessories include a HSS 2.5mm cutter and tracer for laser keys and a HSS .65mm cutter and tracer for dimple keys
  • Optional cutters, tracers, and accessories expand capabilities
  • Light weight, compact design with a small footprint
  • Designed and produced to CE mark European standards
Dimensions: 14.6” H x 9.8” W X 14.6 D
(370 mm x 250 mm x 370 mm)
Weight: 53 lbs. (24 kg)
Voltage: 120V-50/60Hz
Motor: One-speed single phase
Tool speed: 6000 rpm (+/- 10%)

Optional Accessories:
D741428ZB: Device for Clamping Tubular Keys
D741439ZB: FE07 Cutter for Tubular Keys
D741438ZB: TE07 Tracer for Tubular Keys
D741409ZB: Ford® Tibbe® Code Attachment

Replacement Parts:
Laser Cutter: FE04 D741433ZB High Speed Steel (HSS)
Laser Tracer: TE04 D741432ZB
Dimple Cutter: FE01 D741127ZB High Speed Steel (HSS)
Dimple Tracer: TE01 D741128ZB
Vise Jaw Surface Plate: D945438ZR Jaws Set