Key Machines

Triax Pro

Triax Pro is designed for the professional for decoding, cutting by code or from original, laser and dimple keys.

Although the primary use for the Triax Pro is for decoding and cutting by code or form original, it also has the capability to engrave keys and key tags.

  • Optional tilting clamps are available for angle cuts. 
  • Designed to work in either stand-alone or PC mode.
  • This model is available by special order; 230V.
  • Cutting spindle speeds of up to 19,000 rpm results in faster cutting cycles
  • Modify the cutting speed by 30%; speed up work queues or slow down to limit cutter wear
  • Interchangeable quick-change jaws that save time and reduces cost
  • Clamp calibration notice
  • Quick-release tool change
  • Efficient, integrated cutter holder and hood accessory tray
  • Database allows for search by key blank, serial number, lock manufacturer, indirect code, system description, etc.
  • USB Flash Drive allows software updates, back up of data saved on the machine
  • Equipped with a 5.7” (145 mm) built-in color display
  • Maintains a running total of keys cut with each individual cutter
  • Advises operator on cutter selection and when cutter may need replacement
  • Optional tilting clamps for angled cuts plus many more optional accessories
Power Supply: 230V-50Hz, Rated Current 1 Amp
Motor: Brushless 48V-200W, Multi-speed 6000-19000 rpm
Cutters: D738590ZB W500 Carbide, D709238ZB W101 Carbide
D734267ZB W146 Carbide (for engraving)


Width: 17.72" (450mm)
Depth: 20.08" (510 mm)
Height: 13.39” (340mm) without tablet
Weight: 113.54 lbs. (51.5kg)