Key Machines

Futura Pro One

Controlled by a removable 10” (254 mm) touch-screen tablet, the Futura Pro One guides the user step-by-step in all key cutting operations; for example, in selecting the make, model and year for automotive keys, selecting the cutter, clamp, etc.

Futura Pro One is compact, lightweight and portable making this an ideal choice for mobile service operations or where counter space is limited.

Designed and Engineered with just one cutting station to originate, decode and copy laser and dimple keys. Powerful enough for the professional and ideal for inexperienced users with the step-by-step prompts throughout the cutting process.

  • One cutting station for duplicating all types of laser and dimple keys with interchangeable quick-change jaws that save time and reduces cost.
  • Decode and copy by electrical contact to OEM specifications
  • Automatic calibration
  • Fast cutting cycles with a motor that delivers enough power for the cutters to reach 12,100 rpm.
  • Tablet integrates software functions and data, including an extensive range of data cards and code tables for keys.
  • Tablet and electronics delivers fast start up and fast response times between the tablet and the machine; reducing the overall time to duplicate a key.
  • 01J, 02J, and 19J jaws included will accommodate all North American laser key styles except for BMW and Mercedes (requires optional 04J jaw).
  • LED color changing lights indicate the status of the cutting process (white = ready to proceed, yellow = in process of cutting key, green = key cutting complete, safe to raise the safety shield).
  • Two USB ports; one for tablet recharge and one for the tethering connection so the machine and tablet remain connected and operational even when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable or lost. The second USB port can also be used to connect the USB flash drive (supplied) to import code tables or for machine software updates.
  • Durable carbide laser cutter.
  • Exposed screws are stainless steel to resist wear.
  • Optional clamps, adapters and accessories expand capability to originate and copy, Tibbe® type keys for Ford® applications, Tubular type keys, Kaba® ExperT type keys as well as others.

Motors: 24V dc
Power Supply: 90/264V – 50/60 Hz
Movements: 3 axes (special bushings) driven by step motors on rectified roller guides
Carriage Runs: Axis X 1.18" (30mm), Axis Y 1.97" (50mm), Axis Z 1.06" (27mm)
Dimensions: 12.52" W (318mm) x 16.26"D (413mm)
20.47" H (522mm) with tablet,
13.38" H (340mm) without tablet
Weight: 42 lbs (20 kg)