Key Machines

Unocode Pro

Unocode Pro is an electronic key cutting machine for decoding and cutting either by code or from original edge cut cylinder, vehicle keys and cruciform keys. 

Designed with features for the experienced security professional, the Unocode Pro includes adjustable cutting speed, and will maintain a running total of keys cut with each cutter.

  • Operates in either stand-alone or with a PC.
  • This model is available by special order; 230V.
  • Optional accessories include an automatic feeder and rotating clamp.
  • Four-position, nickel plated clamps
  • Faster cutting cycle – new pully ratios deliver more torque to the cutter
  • Fast carriage movements reduce cycle time
  • Adjustable cutting speed; select the cutting card to modify cutting speed by 30%
  • Reinforced construction reduces vibrations
  • Convenient accessory tray on hood of machine
  • User-friendly software interface, USB and RS232 port for external connectivity.
  • 2.7" ( 68.6 mm) color display
  • Works in stand-alone mode or PC mode
  • Maintains a running total of keys cut with each individual cutter
  • Advises operator on cutter selection and when cutter may need replacement
  • Optional automatic feeder and rotating clamp

Power Supply: 230V-50Hz, Rated Current 1.1 Amp
Motor: .32 HP, single phase, 1700 rpm
Cutter: D746012ZB U01W AlCrN coated

Width: 17.7" (450mm)
Depth: 23.6" (600mm)
Height: 17.3" (440mm)
Weight: 83.8 lbs. (38 kg)