Key Machines

Unocode 299

The Unocode 299 electronic key cutting machine for the code cutting of flat style (edge-cut) cylinder keys, vehicle keys and cruciform keys.

In addition to the code cutting of cylinder, vechile and cruciform keys, the Unocode 299 has optional accessories to add capability to cut cut Abloy®, Abus®, Assa®, Tibbe® and others.

Designed to work either stand-alone (on-board database) or with a PC.

This model is available by special order; 230V.

  • Automatic depth calibration by means of electrical contact regardless of clamp side that is used.
  • Smooth Carriage movement with axes tolerance +/-0.03mm
  • Stand-alone mode with over 2,000 data cards for code cutting
  • Connect via PC to the key program to expand functionality
  • Software is designed to receive customized configurations of data cards and tables selected by indirect code searches
  • Database update via PC and serial port
  • Optional Automatic Key Feeder (requires “dry” air supply)
  • Optional accessories available (refer to Specialist Guide)

Power Supply: 230V-50Hz, Rated Current 2 Amp
Motor: .24 HP, single phase, 1150 rpm (1830 rpm w/pulleys inverted)
Cutter: D716549ZB U01 HSS (Carbide optional)

Width: 19.7" (500 mm)
Depth: 19.7" (500 mm)
Height: 16.5" (420mm)
Weight: 95.9 lbs. (43.5kg)