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Flash Mobile

Flash Mobile

Portable, mobile duplicator for edge-cut keys.

Flash Mobile is a battery-operated version of the popular Flash 008 machine that makes it truly a “mobile” machine. The 24V battery allows the machine to operate at 2200 RPM and will cut 300+ brass keys in a single charge.

  • Designed to cut typical residential, commercial and automotive keys including those with large bows or long blades as well as tip stop and flip-type keys.
  • Four jaw positions easily clamp virtually all edge cut keys present on the market
  • Clamps are nickel plated to provide long life
  • Space-saving solution for fixed or mobile use
  • Rotating knob ensures precise horizontal movements
Power Supply: 24V battery
Battery Capability: 2950mAh lithium-ion
Battery Life: 300+ brass keys in a single charge / LED indicator for monitoring battery charge status
Cutter Motor: 120W, 2200 RPM +/- 10%
Movements: by rectified carriage shaft and rack
Cutter: AlTiN coated HSS (Super Rapid Steel)
Target Cutter Life: 1,100 brass keys
Carriage Runs: (maximum length of cuts) 42mm – 1.65”
Dimensions: Width: 320 mm – 12.6” Depth: 255 mm – 10.5” (with carry handle) Height: 255 mm – 10.5”
Weight: 7 kg – 15.4 lbs.
Noise level: Sound pressure Lp(A) = 56 dB(A)
Ideal Environmental conditions: between 10-40⁰ C (50-104⁰ F) 60% humidity