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Toyota® 'H' Cloning Solution

The very first solution for cloning TI AES128 transponder keys used for Toyota “H” applications.

The Ilco Toyota® “H” Solution adds the capability to clone Toyota vehicles that use the Texas® AES128 Bit Encrypted transponder keys while also pre-coding Subaru keys for programming with a diagnostic device.

The Ilco Toyota® “H” Solution requires the use of the RW4 Plus or Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus and is a simple read/write process that requires a free software update (version 04.08.093 or higher) and the new T128C transponder. The Ilco Toyota® “H” Solution does not require the presence of the vehicle, use of a Snoop, the M-Box, or an internet connection.

  • Familiar process: Clone at the counter with the RW4 Plus or Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus; without the need to connect with the vehicle via a ‘snoop’ device
  • Compatible with Ilco Keys: Look-Alike® shells, Smart4Car™ flip style, GTH Head/EB3 blades and original vehicle keys
  • FREE Software Update: 04.08.093 for RW4 Plus or Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus
  • Pre-Set*: using the RW4 Plus, pre-set the T128C for some Toyota® (T128T) and Subaru® (128S) models and then program using the Advanced Diagnostics SmartPro™
  • Packaged 1 each T128C per polybag, 5 per box

* Once pre-set, the T128C transponder can no longer be “cloned” and must be programed using the SmartPro