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Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus

Designed for the retail environment. It reads…it writes…it clones over 500 applications, including Texas Instrument and Philips transponder keys. You do the math—there are big profits in automotive keys.

The general trend in automotive keys has been from fixed code to encrypted code transponders. The Ilco EZ®-Clone PLUS allows the operator to clone Texas Instrument (TI) and Philips encrypted code and fixed code transponder keys. The simple two button operationmakes it ideal for the retail environment.

Combine the Ilco EZ®-Clone PLUS with Ilco® electronic keys to eliminate the need for two master (original) keys required for “on-board” programming”.

The Ilco EZ®-Clone PLUS is compact, lightweight and portable.

  • Simple two button operation
  • Clones IT & Philips (ID46) encrypted transponder keys
  • Clones fixed code (T2, T5) transponder keys
  • Identifies transponders
  • Indicates chip type, value and manufacturer
  • Updatable software
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Multiple language support
  • 12V DC adapter included
  • USB and Serial Port
  • Snoop included for Philips cloning

Dimensions: 91⁄2”WX 61⁄2” D X 31⁄4” H (24.1 cm X 16.5 cm X 8.26 cm)
Weight: .61 lbs (.27 Kg)