Rami Saideh Appointed Managing Director of Kaba Ilco

March 15th 2022

We are pleased to share some exciting organizational changes taking place in our leadership role:

  • Doug Hillman, who has served as our Senior Vice President (SVP) starting in March 2021, will successfully conclude his temporary assignment on March 16th, 2022.  We would like to thank Doug for his contribution to improvement and wish him all the best with his future endeavours.
  • Effective March 17th, 2022, Rami Saideh will become our Senior Vice President (SVP) serving as Managing Director of Key Systems in North America, while maintaining his role of Kaba Ilco’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 

Rami started his career at Kaba Ilco in November 2019.  He has served in a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of the North America Region leading the Finance Department, supporting Sales and Operations along with other project improvements.

Rami has dual citizenship, Syrian and Italian.  Before joining Kaba Ilco, he spent over 15 years in various Finance Leadership roles; starting as a Controller with Porsche Italia and Senior Auditor for PWC, advancing into a Chief Consolidated Financial Statement & Foreign Companies Officer for Pietro Fiorentini Group, in Italy and then the US (Pietro Fiorentini USA Inc. in Wheeling, Virginia).  And lastly serving as the Group Finance Director & Investor Relations for the Marcolin Group.

Rami has a BS in Economics & International Commerce with a Master’s Degree in Business Economics and Legislation from Verona University. 

Please welcome Rami in his new role as Kaba Ilco continues the transformational journey towards profitable growth and organizational development.