Same Ilco. New Look.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new logo!

"Ilco has been the industry leader in American key manufacturing for over a century. From the beginning, we've worked to support and provide quality solutions to the market." – Walter Fuldner, Sr. Marketing Manager.

As we continue to perfect the process, innovation remains the focus. In addition, our company has continued pushing its manufacturing envelope as our products have evolved. That’s why we believe now is the right time to refresh the logo.

"The Ilco brand is one of the most recognizable in the industry. So naturally, we wanted to remain moored to our traditional footprint – with slight modifications.

The core of our manufacturing offerings is reflected in the new logo by adding the key and the red stripes, which symbolize both the pins inside a cylinder and the stripes of the US flag."

– Walter Fuldner, Sr. Marketing Manager. 

As we enter our next phase of innovation and continue to develop and promote new, revolutionary products, we are excited to bring you the new Kaba Ilco®.

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