R2800 Series SFIC Housings

Get over 100 variations with IC Housing and components. Mortise/Rim housings are available in popular styles as “complete” or less cam/tailpiece. With this selection, you have what you need, when you need it


IC Housing
IC Housing

This line of Interchangeable Core Cylinders is machined from solid brass bar stock. The selection of styles provides the flexibility for numerous applications.


  • Manage inventory turns with this convertible, interchangeable design
  • Available in thin head (Mortise & Rim) and tapered head (Mortise)
  • Five popular applications “in stock” (three thin head mortise, two rim cylinder) with cam/tailpiece installed. All others in stock less cam
  • Five finishes available
  • The R2800 Rim Cylinder Conversion Kit - converts the thin head mortise housing into a rim cylinder, allowing flexibility and inventory control for Security Professionals

Technical Data

IC Core

  • Solid Brass plug and Housing
  • 6 or 7 Pin core replaces Arrow, Best, Falcon and KSP
  • Available in 04 (brass) 26D (satin chrome) Finishes
  • Furnished with two keys per cylinder

Thin Head IC Mortise / Rim Cylinder Housing

  • Removable Cam / tailpiece
  • Convert Mortise to Rim "in the field"
  • Interchangeable cams and tailpieces
  • Any finish, Any length
  • 6 and 7 pin available
  • Rim Cylinder conversion Kit R2800 sold separately

Tapered Head IC Mortise Housing

  • Removable Cam
  • Interchangeable cams
  • 6 and 7 pin available