Triax Quattrocode

The Triax Quattro is easy to use and fast, it incorporates quality and precision in cutting even the most complex laser type and dimple keys. Thanks to the accessories this key cutting machine is also an excellent solution for engraving keys, key rings, and small medals.



With the Triax Quattro you work to the best of your ability and can manage complex operations with the aid of the numerous new and innovative functions incorporated into the machine.


Graphic Display
Large colored graphic display on the Triax Quattro, a 5”x7” screen.

Innovative Software
Intuitive software interface thanks to icons being specially designed for the key cutting process.

Functions designed to meet key cutting needs from the simplest to the most complex. Such as, search by key blank, lock system (SSN), manufacturer, system description, and indirect code.

Optimized Work Cycle

  • New motor with higher cutter speed for top quality cutting resolution (6000-17000 rpm)
  • New spindle
  • Improved axis movement
  • Motorized fourth axis for angled cuts (+/- 45º)

Cutter Holder
Triax Quattro has an innovative cutter holder incorporated into the design of the machine, to make your job comfortable and keep your work area in order. You can immediately find the cutters required for cutting the many different types of key, without wasting time. The holder has 14 cutter positions and comes with adhesive to write on, for easy cutter identification.
The standard cutter provided with Triax Quattro is the W500.

Optional Clamps
R4 Manual clamp for angled cuts
R13 Motorized tilting clamp for angled cuts