Peaks® patented key control system, is the foundation for any secure access system.


Peaks Group
Peaks Group

Peaks® Preferred key control system is the foundation for any secure access control system with strong utility patents on the key and cylinder as well as contractual agreements for the controlled issue of key blanks, unauthorized manufacture and duplication of keys is prohibited. In addition, Peaks® is an easy system to implement as the cylinders retrofit to all major brands of hardware.

Peaks® Classic lets you convert your entire property, or just certain doors, to a restricted key system with unique security features. With Peaks® Classic, you retain your commercial lock hardware including mortise and doorknob locks, aluminum and glass door locks, and main entrance locks, while improving your work environment security.


Peaks® Preferred
• Patented Key Control
• Patented design prevents unauthorized key duplication
• Available in mortise, rim, key-in-lever/knob, interchangeable and removable cores
• Retrofits most major brands of Grade 1 & 2 hardware
• Backwards compatible to Peaks® Classic

Peaks® Classic
• Broad compatibility
• Controlled key blanks
• Restricts key duplication
• Easily retrofits most door hardware