Engrave-It™ XP

With many of the same features as the higher end Engrave-It ™ Pro model, the Engrave-It™ XP is an affordable, easy to operate mid-level engraving machine suitable for a store, shop or institutional environment.


Engrave-It XP
Engrave-It XP

The Engrave-It XP is simple to operate and designed to engrave a broad range of items in both the lock shop and institutional environment. This unit is capable of marking keys, IC Cores, brass and laminated ID plates / tags, pet tags and more.

The Engrave-It XP lets the operator select either “diamond drag” or rotary cutter style. Using powerful engraving software (with customer supplied PC) and operator can quickly pick from a range of common task or create their own custom settings.


Accessories Included in Kit: USB Memory Stick (holds Engrave-It XP software, Installation Guide, Tutorial and User Manual), two diamond tip cutters, Ethernet to USB adapter (to allow connection to machine and internet). Quick lock vise and much more.

Key Holders: Trays that hold popular keys are available. These trays hold up to 12 key blanks. Contact your Ilco distributor for details on developing a custom key holder.

Specialty Holders: Many specialty holders available for engraving IC cores, pet tags, brass plates and more.