Remote Control Tester - AD35

The AD35 Remote Control Tester from Advanced Diagnostics has been developed to assist with
the diagnosis of all types of (IR) Infra Red and (RF) Radio Frequency remote controls.



AD35 can be used on most makes and models of vehicles including boats and trucks worldwide - and is simple and easy to use. Simply place the remote control below the LCD screen and press a button on your remote key fob, a signal will be sent to the AD35 and a numeric frequency will be displayed on the LCD screen. This is essential for imported vehicles and systems, as there are various remote frequencies used acrosss the world. By using AD35, this question can be quickly answered and will save you valuable time when diagnosing remotes. If you already have AD key programming equipment, AD35 is an essential addition for your tool kit and it will earn it’s keep within a few jobs.

Technical Data

  • Battery Operated - 3 X AA
  • Weight - 130 Grams
  • Size - 84mm(W) x 140mm(H) x 29mm(D)
  • Current Consumption - 25 mA
  • LCD - 35 Numerical Backlit LCD Display
  • Accuracy + / - 5%
  • Frequency Range 100Mhz to 1000Mhz
  • Auto Power Off - Approx One Minute


  • Test Radio Frequency Remote Control (RF)
  • Test Infra Red Remote Controls (IR)
  • User Friendly & Portable
  • Can be Used on most Makes of Vehicles Worldwide Including Boats and Trucks
  • Rear Magnet - For Secure Storage during Jobs