Ilco EZ®-Clone

Combines simplicity with sophisticated technology to provide stores with a solution to transponder key cloning. This stand-alone device provides consistent results without a PC, internet connection, or software purchase..



Designed specifically for the retail environment, the Ilco EZ®-Clone features a simple two-button operation (Read/Write). Use the Ilco EZ®-Clone in conjunction with Ilco® electronic keys to eliminate the two master (original) key requirements for “on-board” programming.


  • Simple two button operation (Read/Write)
    Clones Texas Instruments® (TI) encrypted code and fixed code
    (T2, T5) transponder keys
  • Identifies presence of a transponder and indicates chip type,
    value and manufacturer
  • Software updates are based on new vehicle information & technology
  • Free updates for one year from purchase
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Multiple language support
  • 12V DC adapter included
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Update via USB and Serial Port

Technical Data

Dimensions: 91⁄2”WX 61⁄2” D X 31⁄4” H
(24.1 cm X 16.5 cm X 8.26 cm)
Weight: .61 lbs (.27 Kg)