Duplicators - Traditional Cylinder/Automotive - Manual Operation

Duplicators Traditional Cylinder/Automotive
Duplicators Traditional Cylinder/Automotive

045 HD Performance Series
Manual Operation

The 045 HD Performance Series duplicator is specially designed for cutting popular automotive and commercial cylinder keys. This model is economical, accurate and ideal for counter or mobile use.

  • Super Jaw 3, “secure grip”, four-position vise jaws; securely clamps most residential, padlock, or automotive keys without the need for adapters, including double sided types.
  • Permanently lubricated cutter spindle shaft ball bearings that are normally found on more expensive models.
  • Hardened carriage shaft and cutter spindle provide extended service life.
  • Wide spacing between vise jaws; accommodates longer keys
  • Dial type depth adjustment system greatly simplifies calibration and improves accuracy
  • Special depth limit device guards against cutter contact with vise jaws.
  • Equipped with an efficient, "inverter friendly" ¼ hp motor
  • May be powered by most generators and inverters rated 700 watt or higher continuous output; (110V-AC model).
  • Durable Titanium Nitride coated cutter; perfect for duplicating most styles of automotive and commercial cylinder keys
  • Built In Circuit Breaker Protection
  • "Soft Touch" nylon key deburring brush
  • Available 110V-AC and 220V-AC

Dual Lever, Manual Operation

For operator controlled cutting of edge cut cylinder, automotive and cruciform keys; the Speed Duplicator is the perfect choice for counter or mobile use.  The dual lever design provides ultimate control of both the lateral movement and depth of cut on each pass over the key blank.

  • Manually controlled depth of cut
  • Ergonomically designed dual levers provide comfort and control
  • Movement by ball joint on rectified carriage for both lateral movement and depth of cut
  • Versatile four-position vise jaws securely clamp a wide variety of keys without the need for special adapters.
  • Wide spacing between vise jaws accommodates longer blade keys and large bow (head) keys
  • Tracer point with micrometer dial regulation makes precise depth adjustments to the hundredth millimeter
  • Removable chip tray for easy clean up
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) Super Rapid Steel Cutter ensures smooth, clean cuts
  • Equipped with a 120V-60Hz; 1/4 hp motor
  • Compatible with most inverters and generators that supply 500 watts (continuous) or higher output (120 Volt AC)
  • Main power switch with separate motor start up switch for additional safety
  • "Soft Touch" nylon key deburring brush
008A Mini-Mite
008A Mini-Mite

008A Mini-Mite
Manual Operation

The 008A "Mini-Mite" is a lightweight, compact yet versatile machine that is perfect for carrying right to the job. Perfect for mobile shops, or wherever space is tight.

  • Duplicates almost all cylinder keys, large bow hotel / motel keys, and double-sided car keys easily (such as Ford Escort and GM Cavalier)
  • Contains Two-Position reversible vise jaws that securely clamp residential, padlock keys, and/or double-sided keys without adapters
  • Simple key rake device for deburring keys
  • Weighs only 9lbs. (4.1kg).
  • Available 110V-AC and 12V-DC

Optional 27X accessory kit is available for converting the 008A to cut flat style keys.