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Automatic Operation
Automatic Operation

040 HD Performance Series Automatic/Manual (Dual Function) Operation

The 040 HD is a versatile, easy to use automatic machine that can be used manually when best suited for the application. The Super Jaw 3, Four-Position vise jaws can be set four different ways to hold virtually any key.

  • Dual function (Automatic or Manual) provides the freedom to select the type of action best suited for the application
  • Super Jaw 3, “secure grip”, four-position vise jaws; securely clamps most residential, padlock, or automotive keys without the need for adapters, including double-sided types
  • Accommodates large bow and long blade keys
  • Permanently lubricated cutter spindle shaft ball bearings normally found on more expensive models
  • Hardened carriage shaft and cutter spindle provide extended service life
  • Fast spindle speed provides smoother cuts
  • Dial type depth adjustment system greatly simplifies calibration and improves accuracy
  • Titanium coated cutter; made from quality, hardened tool steel
  • Built in circuit breaker protection
  •  “Soft Touch” deburring brush
  • Available 110V-AC