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UC199 Product Page
UC199 Product Page


Code and Duplication for automotive, cylinder and cruciform keys

The UC199 performs high quality key duplication from the original key, copies with adjustments (Stand Alone Mode) or by code and decoding (PC Mode) with Ilco Kreate-A-Key™ program.

It combines precision and ease of use and offers high quality results due to it’s innovative functions and laser technology.

  • Precise duplication with the electronic optical reader
  • Compact and ergonomic shape
  • High quality carbide cutter (standard)
  • Two types of uses: Stand-Alone and PC driven
  • Fast key cutting cycle
  • Semi-automatic gauging function for both standard and automatic clamp
  • Communication with Ilco Kreate-A-Key™ and other software programs in the industry
  • Web updates available for Kreate-A-Key™

029A Mechanical Operation For Automotive Keys

Dual Function - Code and Duplication

The 029A is a "dual function" machine designed to cut automotive keys by bitting code, or by duplication.

Engineered for the increasingly precise newer generations of locks and built to produce keys in an economical manner.

Code capabilities can be expanded with optional component kits.

  • Dual function machine: cut keys by code, or duplication (when an original key is available)
  • Accurate, designed to address the increasing precision of newer automotive lock designs
  • Convenient numerical device to enter and display depths of cut when used for code cutting,
  • Multi-Position vise jaws provide a secure clamping surface
  • Sturdy design (not to be confused with products intended for "occasional" or "light" use)
  • Equipped with CU29 milling cutter
  • "Soft Touch" nylon deburring brush
  • Available 110V-AC

Ilco EZ®-Code II Electronic Operation For Automotive and Commercial Keys

Dual Function - Code and Duplication

The Ilco EZ®-Code II is an electronic code machine designed to deliver high level performance at a moderate price.

Accurate and simple to operate, the Ilco EZ®-Code II will cut automotive and commercial keys by bitting number, indirect code (automotive keys) or by duplication.

Special features include; Automatic calibration, key edge detection (with automatic taper correction), versatile two-position vise jaw, and powerful on-board data base of automotive codes and automotive / commercial key cut specifications.

  • Cuts hundreds of automotive and commercial cylinder keys by bitting number or duplication
  • Cuts popular automotive keys by indirect code number
  • Extensive "on-board" database of automotive codes and key cut specifications (automotive and commercial)
  • Versatile Two-Position vise jaw securely clamp even the "hard-to-grip" keys
  • Electronic key edge detection; provides greater flexibility for clamping keys
  • Automatic taper correction minimizes the “human factor” when positioning keys in the vise
  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motors provides dependable results
  • Easy view LCD display and generous size keypad for easy operation
  • Simple to install, SD memory card software update process
  • Equipped with a durable * cobalt steel cutter
  • Available 110V-AC

*carbide cutter also available

Universal II
Universal II

Universal II "Card Type" Mechanical Operation n For Automotive and Commercial Keys

Cuts by Code

The ultimate "Card Type" mechanical code machine for originating commercial / residential and automotive keys!

The Universal II is designed to allow the operator to cut a key by code within seconds, and rapidly re-set the machine for cutting a different type key as needed.

Loaded with many exclusive "performance features", the Universal II is a cut above competitive products!

Code Cards and Cutters are interchangeable between the Ilco Universal II and competitive card type code machines

  • Supplied with 2 cutters and 120 code cards, providing great versatility right out of the box.
  • Utilizes code cards, allowing the operator to change the machine setup quickly from one application to another, and add new applications at minimal cost
  • Exclusive Easy-View code cards enhance cutting accuracy and speed Dial type depth adjustment system for precise calibration of cutting depth
  • "Flapper" style key alignment gage ensures accurate, level key blank placement
  • Quick rate depth and spacing drive shafts speed up the key cutting process
  • Titanium Nitride coated cutters for long cutting life
  • "Soft Touch" nylon deburring brush
  • Available 110V-AC